Great Sound


Education is the basis of our work. Our professionals achieved the titles in Sound Engineering and High National Certification in Music Production from Westminster College London.

Recording Session

Creating a Studio Recording

1 . Studio time

It is important to use the highest quality technical equipment. In PMM we strive for the top-notch tools (Universal audio, Neve, SSL). We facilitate the recording process as well as offer corrections when necessary.

2 . Audio Mixing

In the first stage we will use Equalizer, Compressor, De-esser, Limiter, Reverb , Delay, etc. to glue the tracks together nicely with stereo arrange. We clean up all the background noise.

3 . Audio Mastering

In the last stage we will polish your song in the way to get a maximal potential, loudness and clarity. We create a balance for your song so that it is ready for public, in the best position it could be.


Mixing and mastering cost for song

– up to

– 10 tracks 60€

– 11 to 20 tracks – 70 €

– 21 to 50 tracks – 80 €

– 51 to 70 tracks – 90 €

– 71 to max tracks – 100 €

Mixing & Mastering payment
Other Amount: