Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering

 Audio Mastering: Please make sure there it is no processing including effect as Limiter, Compressor, etc. on mixing bus/mastering bus because this reduces your audio files maximal potential. There is also limitation on volume -6 dB or less up to – 9dB; this is best spread for following processing.

 Make sure to include in your sending files labels carrying technical details such as sample rate and bit depth. Kindly please leave a couple of seconds up to max 4 seconds before and after the song / audio file. For mastering, you will require only one single stereo track file You will needfile format WAV or AIFF only. If this type of files are not available other options will be accepted.


audio mastering

 this stage we will polish your song the way to get maximal potential, loudness and clarity. Perfect and ready for upload into Public platform. Final form of your project/song will make you proud.

Audio mastering is the final stage where your audio file will be ready for public presentation in radio, TV, ITunes, CD. We take care of technical request each outsourced.

In this process we also create balance of your song including frequencies, clarity, polishing, wideness, and build maximal loudness. This way we get your song to maximal position to succeed with your project.