Audio Mixing

Audio  Mixing

Audio Mixing your song will create including online mixing service, by using mix bus and others arrange effects which will take your music to the highest level. Make your mix music online service greatest experience by sening us your projects/song and podcast recording etc.

How to send files for mixing: the best format will be the WAV or AIFF files. Starting print session set to zero measurement for fixed starting point for project. Export files from your session and send to us. If there is no other way we can accept the format mp3, but only in position when you can’t provide WAV or AIFF which are carrying definitely better sound quality.


 Plugins UAD

The best way to send the track is in its raw recording without using any effects as compressor or limiter etc. Of Course, you can use gear as guitar effect or simile type of effect on the instrument to get correct recording sound. Please do not try to do any mixing at your mixing unite because you can create permanent damage to your audio mixing.

The easy way to send tracks to us is to use your email and attached those file. Also, it is a good idea to send us your tracks as zip files.

Please send files of your great recording ideal -9dB or less up to -12dB volume. For mixing, it is recommended that you make sure your audio sounds nice and clean without any unwonted sound. This way it is possible to get maximal potential of yours songs.


 In this stage we will use yours tracks‘ EQ, Compressor, Dresser, Limiter, Reverb, Delay etc. and glue them together in a nice way. Also create, place, arrange, and give necessary detail touch to get your project ready for final step.

Also, clarity of each track will be provided and increased to maximal potential and color of each sound. Help develop characteristic to your song/project by your visions. We will use high quality gear to make that real.


Editing can also be part of mixing stage if necessary to make your recording sounds perfect. Some reasonable amount of editing will be done for you and included in the total price. In case of lot of this editing and time-consuming work which can take also several hours. In this special case we will arrange price individually.