In our audio recording studio we use highest technical equipment. The way we operate enables us to access many highest quality (Universal audio, Neve, SSL etc.) pre-amps, EQ, compressors, Limiters, Dressers etc. We can do correction of vocal and instruments if necessary.

In great system of using legendary analog gear which has been tested since 1950’s and we use some modification at present. We decide to stick by this type of proof quality used by the most famous artist in music industry. This type of unite has in correct hands sometime nearly magical touch. We use new digital form of this great unite as well, but have some performance as mechanical/electric version.

Also, we use others and also new digital unite done by few great companies. This great plugins can add to sound whatever it is that is required; delay, echo, reverb etc. any different type and form provide ready for many situations in a nice way.

At our audio recording studio we‘ve got unite to help you in correcting vocals of your audio. Also, we’ve got instruments that can be used to  (tune) up your audio to some reasonable level. We use digital unite to  help fix yours song / audio files to sound the way that will amaze you. We use control mechanical devices as faders (channel strip) for precision for our work as well as whatever it is that is requited; mixing, mix bus, automatization, effects level etc. We‘ve got the device to switch Mono, Stereo, phone, headphones etc. To make sure your song/audio files will always sound great.

We‘ve got other ready to service magic machine with great form of pre-amp and pre post used also to tape machine sound in order to get awesome sound touch, some with analog machine to make the digital form make some sound performance.